Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letting it slip :(

I really wanted to do this. Write a bog about how awesome my garden is. About all the food I'm growing, eating and preserving. But it is not going that way... I live where I work. My husband and I run a guest house, we have the baby (5 month old now), so when I get free time i just want to read my book and have a up of tea. So in my spare time I have not been going out into the garden. I want this to end! I am going to get out there this week, pull out the tomato's, weed the grass and plant some root crops and onions. I will also make a proper fox proof chicken pen (maybe not this week) so my next lot of hens will be safe. ( we lost our Scaredy Hen as well)
Just one our feathery friends.
I want to think of some positives. I live in an amazing place, the weather is just getting cold and I love it. We have some special wild life and this is going to be a great place for my kid to grow up.

over night this Orb spider made a web in the door way of one of the guests rooms.
We have The common Blue tongue and this Eastern blue tone here. We have had babies running around as well! So cute!

The aquaponics is going well, but I will up date about that soon, for my boy has just woken up.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Sad day.

I lost 3 of my chickens today! I feel really sad... Now it's just Scardey Hen left. It looks like a fox did it. Just 3 piles of feathers in 3 different spots. I will look at getting more, I can just have one poor girl by her self... But I think I will make an enclosed pen. So they don't just fully free range.I will think about that all a bit later... I do know some one local who breeds Australorps.... but we will see....

More sad news. My Sweet corn tasted like card board! And my Red Aztec corn tasted even worse! I do not know why this happened! I was so looking forward to eating my very own fresh corn off the cob, bah! I shall have to try again next year.
Also My tomato's are getting those horrid grubs in them. They bore in,while still green and then as to tomato's ripens they eat it and then it rots! Have still been able to harvest some of them though.

Some bright news is that the butternut pumpkin has finally got fruit, and they sweet pumpkin is still going, making pumpkins. We used on to make scones with and they were YUM!

The Aquaponics kit final arrived. It is set up and ready to go. We just need fish (have ordered 100 silver perch fingerling) and then then a hole bunch of seedling.

So wish me luck and lets hope thing run a bit more smoothly from now on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It has been a while... But in that time I have watched my garden grow, my chickens grow and gave birth to my own little being and watched him grow as well. On the day my little baby boy was born it rained so hard and heavy that I added a second middle name at the last moment. Rain. The sound of it beating against my window and making the day dark out side soothed me though my labour.
Rain, it has not stopped since then. At first I thought, yay, my garden will be ok though this summer. But then things started to rot! And Mold! My no dig potato's are all soggy, I have not had the heart to dig them up, but I'm pretty shore they didn't make it. I have not been very active at all in the garden of late though. Brest feeding and new baby and constant rain have kept me busy or inside.
Things that are going well: My corn, both types, have ears! Lots of green tomato's. D's sugar pumpkins are going wild with fruit and flowers. The herb terrace is going great! And the french sorrel is green and lush and seeding (it self seeds so I should have lots next season).
Things that are not going so well: The cabbage white butterfly's decimated my 3 cauliflowers. Even though I kept going out there and squashing the egg and then pulling off the horrid green caterpillars. The butternut pumpkins hardly grew. Some flowers, but no fruit as yet. And the cucumbers have been rotting in the wet.
I will be trying to get out there more and write on here more.
Till then, may the sun shine and the plants grow!