Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Letting it slip :(

I really wanted to do this. Write a bog about how awesome my garden is. About all the food I'm growing, eating and preserving. But it is not going that way... I live where I work. My husband and I run a guest house, we have the baby (5 month old now), so when I get free time i just want to read my book and have a up of tea. So in my spare time I have not been going out into the garden. I want this to end! I am going to get out there this week, pull out the tomato's, weed the grass and plant some root crops and onions. I will also make a proper fox proof chicken pen (maybe not this week) so my next lot of hens will be safe. ( we lost our Scaredy Hen as well)
Just one our feathery friends.
I want to think of some positives. I live in an amazing place, the weather is just getting cold and I love it. We have some special wild life and this is going to be a great place for my kid to grow up.

over night this Orb spider made a web in the door way of one of the guests rooms.
We have The common Blue tongue and this Eastern blue tone here. We have had babies running around as well! So cute!

The aquaponics is going well, but I will up date about that soon, for my boy has just woken up.