Monday, October 25, 2010

My Chickens!

I have never had chickens before. I was a little unshore about them at first, not really being a bird person... but now I love them! They are funny and cute and hopefully will be giving me eggs soon. I Still have to keep the 2 little ones in a different cage at night because the 2 big hens are big bully's and peck them quite bad ( though not as bad as a week ago though) I hope to have them all in the same pen in a week or 2. The Pen I have is good for 4 chooks, but not to stay in all day and night. So they are all out free ranging being very happy little Chicky's!

This is what D, my husband, bought for my birthday. It came all in flat pack and he put it together. I loves it!
There is some info I gathered about my two types of chickens.

ISA Brown
  • They are a hybrid and not a true breed. Made by crossing Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites together
  • Created by a company to get the most value for money egg laying wise.
  • There best egg laying time is in the first 18months. You may get 300 eggs per hen in the first year.
  • They are good little pets ( in my opinion)
My 2 little New Hampshire
 New Hampshire
  • Breed created in America in 1915
  • A duel purpose bird ( meet and eggs)
  • Lays brown eggs around 120 per hen a year
They are such a delight to watch, pecking and diffing and dust bathing and napping in the shade. After seeing just how happy my little guys are it really makes me rethink buying any chicken product that is not free range and looked after. To imagine those poor battery hens, just stuck there in tiny cages laying eggs. Never seeing the true light of day, never ruffling there feathers in the dirt. It is truly sad.
Just been told by D that all the chooks are in the veggie garden! I have to go get them out!

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